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Feather Step


Newcomer: Natural Turn

Bronze: Change of Direction

Silver - Gold: Closed Telemark, Hover Telemark, Reverse Wave


Newcomer: Three Step, Reverse Turn

Bronze: 1-4 Reverse Turn check and Basic Weave, Change of Direction

Silver: Closed Telemark, Open Telemark, Hover Telemark, Reverse Wave, Top Spin or Outside Spin (after checking back after step 3 of Feather Step)

Gold:Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot, Bounce Fallaway with Weave Ending


The Feather Step can also be danced DW or DC for Man.

It is important for the Lady to release the toe of the front foot from the floor as it begins to move back towards the supporting foot

  • Other Syllabus Steps
    • Newcomer
    • Bronze
      • Change of Direction
      • Natural Weave
      • Basic Weave
    • Silver
      • Closed Telemark
      • Open Telemark and Feather Ending
      • Top Spin
      • Hover Feather
      • Hover Telemark
      • Natural Telemark
      • Hover Cross
      • Open Telemark, Natural Turn, Outside Swivel and Feather Ending
      • Open Impetus
      • Weave from PP
      • Reverse Wave
    • Gold
      • Natural Twist Turn
      • Curved Feather to Back Feather
      • Natural Zig-Zag from PP
      • Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot
      • Natural Hover Telemark
      • Bounce Fallaway with Weave Ending


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There are 7 types of Feathers. At Newcomer and Bronze, Feather Step and Feather Finish (4-6 Reverse Turn). At Silver, Feather Finish (commenced with partner outside partner position on left side), Feather Ending (first step taken in promenade position), Hover Feather, Feather Step (commenced in outside partner position. At Gold, Curved Feather and Back Feather.

On all Feather Finishes the amount of turn will be stated as Body Turns Less and there will be no note for Body Finishes Turn. Although there is slight turn L on the penultimate step of a Feather Finish, the body does not 'complete' the turn until the first step of the following figure.




Foot Position & Aligment

Footwork Amount of Turn Rise & Fall
1 S HT N/A Rise e/1
    TH N/A Rise e/1, NFR
2 Q T N/A Cont to rise gradually
    T N/A Cont to rise gradually, NFR
3 Q TH N/A Lower e/3
    TH N/A Lower e/3

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