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The time signature of the music used for this dance is 2/4 with both beats accented. "Slow" count is equal to 1 beat, a "quick" count is equal 1/2 beat.

Tango Position and Hold:

To understand the commencing position, stand with feet together facing wall, then keeping feet flat turn 1/8 to left, at same time slip Right Foot 2-3 inches back so that the toe of the Right Foot is approximately level with the instep of the Left Foot.

The hold is similar to the hold in the swing dances, but is more compact. The man holds the Lady slightly more on the R side - although care must be taken not to exaggerate this position.

The Man's R hand will be placed slightly further across the Lady's back - the tips of his fingers reaching slightly beyond the Lady's spine, the line of the forearm sloping slightly downwards. The Lady's L hand will be placed on the Man's back just under the Man's R armpit and her R hand will be placed in the Man's L hand.

Direction and Alignment:

All forward and backward steps are Directional with the exception of two steps (Lady step 2 of Rock turn and step 3 of Fallaway Promenade). All others are Alignments. Some are both - such as Promenade and Fallaway positions.

Precedes and Follows:

Where it is stated that a figure can be preceded by "Any Closed Finish", this includes Closed Promenade or the Closed Finish to any Reverse Turn, Back Corte, or Rock turn.

Methods of Preceding any Promenade Figure

Bronze: Progressive Link; Walk on RF and place LF to side without weight turning Lady to PP, count &; Natural Twist Turn; Natural Promenade Turn; From Closed Finish - keep feet in place and turn Lady to PP at end of the last step, county &; From Open Finish - as second above.

Silver: Four Step; Fallaway Promenade.

Gold: Fallaway Four Step; Oversway endings 1,2,3,5,6 & 7; Chase and endings 1,3, and 4; Five Step; Contra Check.




The Tango Walk:

The difference in the Tango Walk as compared to the other dances are:

1. There is no Rise and Fall

2. The knees are held very slightly flexed but tone is maintained in the leg muscles

3. Because of the Tango position, the LF Walk is taken in CBMP and the RF Walk is taken with a R side lead. In a similar way, the RF Walk back is taken in CBMP and the LF Walk back with a L side lead. The Walk will normally curve to L.

4. The feet are slightly lifted and placed on each step - rather than gliding to position as in the other dances.

5. The feet are moved with a sharp or staccato action and the back foot on a Forward Walk is delayed as long as the music will allow. The Backward Walk is danced with a similar action.

6. When stepping forward in CBMP on LF and taking into account the curve to the L, it is important that the L heel is placed on, not across, the line of the RF.

7. Whenever the Man steps back LF with a L side lead, the R heel will be released as RF commences to move back into the following step. At the commencement of all other back steps the toe of the front foot will be released. When the Lady steps back on either foot the front toe will be released.


Tango Closed Syllabus


1. Walk (above)

2. Progressive Side Step

3. Progressive Link

4. Closed Promenade

5. Rock Turn

6. Open Reverse Turn, Lady Outside

7. Back Corte


1. Open Reverse Turn, Lady in Line

2. Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn

3. Open Promenade

4. RF Rock

5. LF Rock

6. Natural Twist Turn

7. Natural Promenade Turn


1. Promenade Link

2. Four Step

3. Back Open Promenade

4. Outside Swivels

5. Fallaway Promenade

6. Four Step Change

7. Brush Tap


1. Fallaway Four Step

2. Oversway

3. Basic Reverse Turn

4. The Chase

5. Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot

6. Five Step

7. Contra Check


Click on any figure for detailed description!

Silver Class Tango Choreography

1. 2 Walks

2. Progressive Link

3. Promenade Link

4. Open Reverse Turn Lady Outside finishing Open Position

5. Four Step

6. Outside Swivel

7. 2 Walks

8. Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn w/Corte Action

9. Progressive Link

10. Natural Promenade Turn w/Rock Turn Ending

11. Natural Twist Turn




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