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Closed Changes

Precedes RF Closed Change:

Newcomer: Natural Turn, LF Change Step

Bronze: Natural Turn, 4-6 Natural Turn after Back Lock or Progressive Chasse to R

Silver - Gold: Outside Spin taken after Open Impetus and Cross Hesitation makinga full turn to end facing DC

Follows RF Closed Change:

Newcomer - Gold: Any figure that starts forward on left foot

Precedes LF Closed Change:

Newcomer: Reverse Turn, RF Change Step

Bronze: Reverse Turn, 4-6 Reverse Turn after Natural Spin Turn, Double Reverse Spin. At corner 4-6 Reverse Turn after underturned Natural Spin Turn or Closed Impetus, Hesitation Change

Silver - Gold: 4-6 Reverse Turn afer underturned Outside Spin

Follows LF Closed Change:

Newcomer - Gold: Any figure that starts forward on right foot


  • Other Syllabus Steps
    • Newcomer
    • Bronze
      • Closed Impetus
      • Hesitation Change
      • Outside Change
      • Reverse Corte
      • Back Whisk
      • Basic Weave
      • Double Reverse Spin
      • Reverse Pivot
      • Back Lock
      • Progressive Chasse to Right
    • Silver
      • Weave from Promenade Position
      • Closed Telemark
      • Open Telemark and Cross Hesitation
      • Open Telemark and Wing
      • Open Impetus and Cross Hesitation
      • Open Impetus and Wing
      • Outside Spin
      • Turning Lock
    • Gold
      • Left Whisk
      • Contra Check
      • Closed Wing
      • Turning Lock to Right
      • Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot
      • Hover Corte


Man & Lady


From a Reverse to Natural is the normal opposite commencing DW with LF.


Straight, left, and left (natural opposite for Lady).


Slight CBM on step 1.




Foot Position & Aligment

Footwork Amount of Turn Rise & Fall
1 1
RF fwd, FDC
HT No turn Start to Rise e/1
LF back
TH No turn " " , NFR
2 2
LF side/slightly fwd, FDC
T No turn Cont to rise on 2 & 3
RF side/slightly back, BDC
T No turn " "
3 3
RF closes to LF, FDC
TH No turn Lower e/3
LF closes to RF
TH No turn " "



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