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Natural Pivot Turn


Newcomer - Gold : Any figure which leaves the RF free to move forward


Newcomer - Silver: Any Natural Turning Figure

Gold: Rumba Cross



Man, Lady


Man: 1/2 is the maximum turn for the pivot. If danced at a corner, turn 3/8 on the pivot to face DW of new LOD. Although footwork on step 4 is THT, the heel is in contact with the floor while turn is made on the ball of foot.

Lady:LF is not held in CBMP for the pivoting action on step 4, but CBM will be used on the next step except when steps 5-6 of a Natural Spin Turn follows the pivot. Although footwork on step 4 is HTH, the heel is kept in contact with the floor.


Straight, right, right, straight (natural opposite for Lady).


CBM on step 1, and 4.





Foot Position & Aligment

Footwork Amount of Turn Rise & Fall
1 1
RF fwd, FDW
HT Start to turn R Rise e/1
LF back, BDW
TH Start to turn R Rise e/1, NFR
2 2
LF side, BDC
T 1/4 btwn 1-2 N/A (stay up)
RF to side, PLOD
T 3/8 btwn 1-2 body underturns N/A (stay up)
3 3
Close RF to LF, BLOD
TH 1/8 btwn 2-3 Lower e/3
Close LF to RF, FLOD
TH Body finishes turn Lower e/3
4 1
LF back, down LOD toe turned in (RF kept in CBMP through the pivot)
THT Pivot 1/2 R (max) N/A
RF fwd, FLOD
HT Pivoting action 1/2 R (max) N/A


3 Lesson Package

3 Full hour private lessons with Simeon or Kora. Your choice Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, or Jive. New Students Only.




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