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Twist Turn


This figure commences in Closed or Contact Position, Man facing wall


Silver - Gold: Any syllabus figure ended with feet together, facing wall

Precedes (to steps 3-8):

Silver: 1-4 Open Telemark

Gold: Fallaway Reverse Turn with Open Telemark Ending, Outside Turn


Silver - Gold: Any syllabus figure commenced with feet together, facing Line of Dance



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Foot Position

Turn Footwork
1 1 Appel on RF No turn or slight body turn L Whole Foot
LADY Appel on LF No turn or slight body turn R " "
2 2 LF to side in Promenade Pos. 1/8 to L between 1 & 2 Heel Flat
    RF to side in Promenade Pos. 1/8 to R between 1 & 2 " "
3 3 RF forward and in Promenade Pos. and CBMP* Commence to turn R " "
    LF forward and across in Promenade Position and CBMP* 1/8 to R between 2 & 3 " "
4 4 LF side and slightly back 3/8 to R between 3 & 4 Ball Flat
    RF forward Body completes turn Heel Flat
5 5 Cross RF behind LF, slightly back No turn Ball
    LF forward, L side leading, preparing to step outside partner 1/8 to R between 4 & 5 Heel Flat
6 6 Twist to R with weight on both feet, allowing feet to uncross, end with weight on LF slightly back 1/2 to R between 5 & 6 Pressure on balls of both feet, end LF flat
    RF forward in CBMP*, outisde partner 1/8 to R between 5 & 6 Heel Flat
7 7 RF to side No turn Ball or Ball Flat
    LF to side 1/4 to R between 6 & 7 " "
8 8 Close LF to RF No turn " "
    Close RF to LF " " " "


3 Lesson Package

3 Full hour private lessons with Simeon or Kora. Your choice Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, or Jive. New Students Only.




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2008 International Fundraiser Dance Show

City Lights Ball

Two days of competition for Amateur, Youth, Professional, and Pro/AmA. City Lights Ball is a "Must Go To" competition on the West Coast. NDCA recognized and also a DanceSport Series Event. Lcoated in San Jose on January 29th and 30th. Organized by Barbara Gore and Glenn Weiss.

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