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Fallaway Throwaway


This figure commences in Closed Position and Gentleman Facing Wall. Turn is commenced towards end of previous beat of music on steps 1-6. Lady inclines body slightly to the right on step 5 and returns body to normal position on step 6, Fallaway Throwaway may commence in Promenade Position making no turn or up to 1/8 to R on step 1.


Newcomer: Basic in Place

Bronze: Mooch, Whip

Silver - Gold: Reverse Whip


Bronze - Silver: Walks

Gold: Toe Heel Swivels, Chicken Walks, Stalking Walks, Flicks and Break


Newcomer: Link, Change of Places Left to Right, Change of Hands Behind Back, Hip Bump

Bronze - Silver: American Spin from Left to Right Hand Hold, Stop and Go

Gold: Chicken Walks




Gentleman may lead Lady to dance two more steps (repeating 5 & 6 twice) while his steps and timing remain unchanged. Lady's timing is 5.&.6.7.&.8. Lady may dance her spins as described or dance a series of small side steps on the balls of her feet.

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Foot Position

Turn Footwork
1 Q RF back in Fallaway 1/8 to L  
    RF back in Fallaway 1/4 to R  
2 Q Replace weight to RF in Promenade Position Commence to turn R  
    Replace weight to LF in Promenade Position Commence to turn L  
3-5 QaQ LF diagonally forward to chasse LRL, end in Closed Position No turn  
    RF to side chasse RLR to end RF side and slightly back in Closed Position 3/8 to L over steps 2-5  
6-8 QaQ Forward chasse RLR, end in Open Position 1/8 to L between 5 & 6  
    Backward chasse LRL, end in Open Position " "  


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